Town-Owned Properties

Town of Avon Properties Development Strategies 

Key properties, owned by the Town of Avon, were studied and discussed in 2017 with the community.  Comments from an online questionnaire, open houses, and public meetings helped to form the basis for the final plan, which was adopted by the Avon Town Council on April 10, 2018.  The Town of Avon Town-Owned Properties Plan  serves as a guideline for future development, which is primarily focused on the east side of Nottingham Park near the old Town Hall and 351 Benchmark Property (old Fire Station).   

Future land uses in the draft plan include:

  • Expansion of the Recreation Center
  • Development of a new cultural, educational and/or entrepreneurial center at the 351 Benchmark Property (old fire station)
  • Addition of attainable worker housing units at the Wildwood and Wildridge Fire House properties  
  • Dog Park near Post Boulevard