Aquatics Facility

The Avon Recreation Department offers a diverse selection of aquatics offerings. Whether you're interested in Water Aerobics or a USA Competitive Swim Team, our trained staff and 15,000 square foot aquatics facility has something for everyone.

Aquatics Features

  • 5-lane lap pool
  • Lazy River
  • Zero-depth entry kids pool
  • 140-foot water slide
  • Aquaclimb climbing wall
  • Diving well
  • Hot tub
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  1. Michael Labagh

    Aquatics Supervisor
    Phone: 970-748-4446

  2. Recreation Department

    Physical Address
    90 Lake Street
    P.O. Box 975
    Avon, CO 81620

    Phone: (970) 748-4060
    Fax: (970) 949-0160

2018 Pool Rules

       1. No standing or walking on the narrow pool walls. Stepping or jumping to and from the narrow pool walls and the pool deck is not permitted.

Justification: The pool deck as well as the pool walls become extremely slippery and pose a tripping and falling hazard to patrons.

       2. All diving board and climbing wall users must be able to swim independently in deep water. Swimmers may not use the diving board or climbing wall if they are wearing any flotation device. Parents/guardians are not permitted to assist children while using either water feature.

Justification: To limit the risk of potential drowning incidents as well as the risk of injuries associated with the water features. Parents/guardians can become injured or inadvertently put themselves in harm’s way while assisting children on either water feature.

       3. No flotation devices or pool equipment are permitted to be worn while riding the big slide.

Justification: Flotation devices and other pool equipment can damage the interior coating of the slide.

4. Children 4 years old and younger must have a parent/guardian at least 13 years old with them in the water within arm’s reach at all times.

Justification: To ensure young children are safe while playing in the water. Young children are not always able to stand or walk comfortably in a pool environment due to the variability of water resistance, river currents, play features and splashing.  

       5. Children ages 5 years old to 8 years old, must have a parent/guardian at least 13 years old in the aquatic area actively monitoring them.

Justification: Properly supervised children help make a safer swimming pool environment.

To view the Monthly Aquatics Calendar, please click here.

AquaClimbing Wall Rules

  • One climber on the wall at a time.
  • Climbers must start in the water not from the pool deck. Climbers are not permitted to use the side of the pool deck to assist them in climbing.
  • Climbers get one attempt to climb. Once you fall, you must go to the end of the line. Please form a line in the shallow end of the dive well.
  • No swimming in the "Drop Zone." "Drop Zone" is 5' to each side of the wall and extends 5’ into the dive well.
  • Users must only use the hand/foot holds to climb up the wall. Using the metal side of the wall or hanging from the glass board at the top is not permitted.
  • Feet first entry from the wall. No flips or twists of any kind.
  • You must be able to swim in deep water to use wall. Anyone using a flotation aide is not permitted to use the wall (i.e. water wings, life jackets, buoyant swim suits). Parents/guardians are not permitted to assist children while using the climbing wall.
  • The lifeguard on duty will use their discretion to determine if patrons must alternate using the rock wall or the diving board depending on the number of people using both features.