Avon Joint Public Safety Facility

The Town of Avon and Eagle River Fire Protection District (ERFPD) have been evaluating a joint facility for police and fire services for several years. The Buck Creek parcel (Lot 1B, located on Nottingham Rd. and Swift Gulch Rd.) was selected following detailed site analyses by each agency and found to be the preferred site for emergency response and interagency partnership. 

May 3, 2016 Election

On May 3, 2016 Avon voters approved the Town to issue Certificates of Participation (COPs) in an amount up to $6.5 million to construct a new Avon Police Station. The funding is proposed in a 20-year debt issue, payable from existing taxes, with annual debt service averaging $413,224 per year. No new taxes or tax increases are required.

Travel Impact Evaluation

Several traffic impact evaluation studies have been conducted over the last several years and are available at the links below:

Wildridge Fire Station

The Wildridge Fire Station is expected to be vacated by the Fire Department in December, 2017. In the next year, a reevaluation of the space will be conducted by a contracted firm, and a plan to either reuse the space or build something new will be completed. The Town hopes for an open process and positive dialogue between neighbors.