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Town Initiatives
Master Planning for Town-Owned Properties
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Project History

The Town of Avon is considering the future community uses for town-owned properties. The design and planning team, led by Design Workshop, is working with the Town to create land use development and business plans for the sites, providing insight into viable future uses to fulfill Town and public use needs.

The study locations include:

1) Tract G: Nottingham Park, Old Town Hall (vacating in 2017), the old Fire Station on Benchmark Road (vacating in 2017), the Avon Recreation Center, Avon Public Library and adjacent town-owned public streets and parking lots;

2) Lot 5 adjacent to Traer Creek;

3) Lot E adjacent to Traer Creek;

4) a “Park Site” within the Village at Avon Parcel;

5) Swift Gulch (adjacent to the Town’s transit and fleet facilities); and

6) the Wildridge Fire Station (vacating in 2017).

Analysis and planning began in January and is anticipated to conclude with Town Council approval in June. In addition to the development scenario planning, LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc. is concurrently conducting a town-wide multi-modal and parking demand study to help inform future infrastructure planning.

This planning process is an extension of other past studies that have set the foundation for future development options, including

  • Planning Services Review and Update of Nottingham Park Master Plan, Swift Gulch Master Plan, Lot 5 Development Plan (2015)
  • Master Plan for Harry A. Nottingham Park (2008)
  • Avon West Town Center District Investment Plan (2007)

Coming Up

Open House | April 5th | 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.

A community open house and polling session will be held on April 5th at Town Hall (4:30-6:30 p.m.) to help guide the future planning of town-owned properties. Concept scenarios will be presented to participants in an open house format with two presentation and keypad polling sessions, one at 5:00 and again at 6:00.

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Master Plan for Town Owned Properties