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Avon RoundaboutsAvon Road Roundabout
In an effort to eliminate traffic congestion, the Town of Avon installed multiple roundabouts on its main thoroughfare, Avon Road, creating the longest wide-node-narrow-link road in America.

Five roundabouts relieve traffic congestion along the entire length of Avon Road, the main connection to Interstate 70 for Avon and Beaver Creek. The roundabouts replaced 3 stoplights and 2 stop signs and were opened in the fall of 1997.

Funding for the project came from a voter-approved increase in property tax as well as contributions from CDOT, Beaver Creek Metro District, Arrowhead Metro District, and Smith Creek (Bachelor’s Gulch) Metro District.

Raised Crosswalk - Beaver Creek Blvd.Accommodating Pedestrians
Pedestrian safety has been a concern of the town from day one. While consultants to the town determined roundabouts were appropriate in a pedestrian area, pedestrian crossing beacons were added as an additional measure to alert motorists to pedestrian in the crossing areas.

Pedestrian Safety Tips
Round-a-bout Interstate 70 and Avon Rd.
  • Always use the sidewalk.
  • Never walk in the roundabout or to the center island.
  • Cross the street to the median island; it’s there to provide you with a refuge between lanes.
  • When crossing the street that enters the roundabout look to your left for approaching vehicles.
  • You have the right-of-way when you’re in the crosswalk, but be careful.
  • Make sure that drivers can see you and stop for you.
  • When crossing the street that exits the roundabout, look to your right or towards the roundabout for approaching vehicles.