The Avon Police Department is now offering VIN inspections.

Fingerprint appointments can be made here with locations in Eagle, Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction. You will be given exact location when you register online.

For information from the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder's Office about motor vehicle registration, click here.

We are hiring!

Become a member of the Avon Police Department. With some of the best training and equipment in law enforcement, as well as world-class skiing in our backyard, working for the Avon Police Department is more than a job. It’s a challenging and rewarding career. Learn more here!

Count On Us

The Avon Police Department is here to ensure that you and yours are free from worry while in our laid-back mountain town. Our officers take pride in supporting our diverse community, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve our citizens.

Everyday is a new adventure and every moment provides us with a chance to learn. We offer guidance, and we seek answers. Our team converts challenges into opportunities and we diligently pursue the skills it takes to better our abilities.

When we think of community we are reminded of the bonds that we’ve formed in Avon. The relationships we share with our residents, our guests and our public servants mean the world to us, so we’ve dedicated our lives to the protection of their well-being. We are here because we love Avon too, and we are here to help you.

We are the Avon Police Department.
In accordance of Colorado Revised Statute 16-2.5-301: The Avon Police Department will request that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation investigate any and all incidents involving the discharge of a firearm by an Officer that results in injury or death. Statue 16-2.5-301. Peace Officer-involved shooting investigations –protocol. (1) each police department, sheriff’s office, and district attorney within the state shall develop protocols for participating in a multi-agency team, which shall include at least one other police department or sheriff’s office, or the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, in conducting any investigation, evaluation, and review of an incident involving the discharge of a firearm by a peace officer that resulted in injury or death.  The law enforcement agencies participating need not be from the same judicial district.