Right-of-Way Use Permits

Permit Authorization

All work in the right-of-way (ROW) by private parties or contractors must have a valid permit authorized by Public Works. The division manages the ROW permit process and conducts inspection of work to verify permit compliance. 

A generic Right of Way Permit Application Checklist and Standard Conditions for Right-of-Way Permit are available for download. The checklist explains the application process. The Applicant should gather sketches, drawings, plat map, aerial photos, owner and constructor contact information, and any other information needed to explain your project and needed to establish the written record which can be attached to the final permit and Application. Once documentation is compiled and the application is complete, the Applicant should then schedule a meeting which will be held at the Public Works/Road and Bridge Division Office located at 500 Swift Gulch Road in Avon. The final checklist, permit, terms, and appropriate fee will be determined by staff during or after the application meeting, once the details of your proposed work are known. 
Excavation and asphalt patching is only allowed  April 15 - November 15 
and when asphalt supplies are available with a valid ROW Use Permit. 
To initiate the ROW Use Permit process, call (970) 748-4100 to schedule an appointment. Requests for appointments left by voice-mail can generally be accommodated on any business day during the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. if such requests are made at least one business day in advance. Due to infrequent requests for ROW Use Permits, the Public Works Department does not continuously staff a "permit counter". A pre-set appointment time is essential. 
No work in the ROW can begin until the ROW Use Permit has been issued for that work. For best results, Applicants should bring a site plan showing property boundaries, a parking and staging plan, and a traffic control plan to the ROW Use Permit application meeting. A minimum of 3 business days should be allowed for processing - once all forms, fees, and a letter of credit (if applicable) have been provided to Public Works. This duration is necessary to allow Public Works to review the application and seek comments from other departments and jurisdictions as needed. Expedited permits may be possible for simple ROW use requests that have only minimal impact to the traveling public, as determined by Public Works.

Construction staging and employee
parking belongs within the parcel 
boundaries - not in the public right-of-way.