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Step into the vibrant world of culture, arts, and special events in Avon! We extend a warm welcome and eagerly anticipate your presence this summer at our lineup of unique festivals, captivating concerts, and the enchanting display of our exquisite bronze sculpture collection. Explore the dynamic Art Around Avon temporary installations, adding a touch of artistic flair to our community. With something fun for everyone, Avon is the ultimate destination for a summer filled with excitement.

Prepare to be captivated by thrilling concerts, engaging social gatherings, vibrant art festivals, and exhilarating races that draw spectacular local crowds and earn glowing reviews. Each event is a masterpiece, promising surprise, and delight in the distinctive Avon style. However, our signature events stand out as the highlight of every local’s calendar – unmissable opportunities to live life to the fullest and embody the true spirit of the Heart of the Valley.

If you have dreams of hosting your own event in Avon, reach out to a member of our dedicated event team.

Summer is a season we cherish, and we can't wait to share its magic with you in the Heart of the Valley!

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