Real Estate Transfer Tax


A 2% tax is imposed on all transfers of interests or possessor rights in and to real estate located in the Town by deed, lease, assignment of lease, or agreement for sale of stock or contract. 

Exemptions for Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) are given based upon certain criteria which can be found in the Town of Avon Municipal Code Chapter 3.12.060. These exemptions may relieve some or all of the tax due.

All Real Estate Transfer Tax Applications require an application. Use this form for all exemptions, primary residence or full exemptions. See our Primary Exemption page or Full Exemption page for more information on the requirements. 

All transactions for real property within the Town of Avon in which no transfer tax is due, must have a related exemption application approved by the Assistant Town Manager. This includes any transaction recorded with Eagle County such as a name change, transfer to trust or LLC., addition of spouse, etc. See the Full Exemption page for more information.

A Comprehensive Overview of RETT was presented to Council and the public on April 9, 2021.