Short-Term Rentals

Short-Term Rental Regulations in the Town of Avon

The Town of Avon requires property owners to obtain a business license and a sales tax license in order to offer a short-term rental (STR) in their residence for fewer than 30 days. Advertising of the rental property should include the Avon business license number.

Get in Compliance in Four Easy Steps

Step 1: Verify Zoning & Hosting Eligibility

  • Check the Avon Short Term Rental Overlay (STRO) and Town Core Map to ensure that your property location is in an area that allows short term rentals.
  • If the property is in the STRO but outside the Town Core, check to see if the property for your proposed STR is under the 15% STR-Full license cap
    • Properties in the STRO but outside the Town Core are allowed a maximum of 15% of dwelling units to hold an STR-Full license.
      • STR-Resident Occupied and STR-Limited licenses are not subject to the 15% licensing cap
      • STR applications for properties where STR licenses are capped are reviewed every two weeks.  In the event that applications exceed the number of licenses available, a random number drawing will be conducted in order to determine which applicant(s) receives the license.
  • Verify that STRs are allowed in your HOA, if applicable.
  • For a complete list of properties where STRs are and are not allowed, click here.

Step 2: Get Your Short-Term Rental License

  • You must apply for a business license that indicates you are pursuing an STR license online at
    •  The 2022 STR Application will be applied to your MuniRevs account within 5-10 business days.
    • One you complete and submit the 2022 STR Application through your MuniRevs account, the Community Development Department will review your application.
    • If your 2022 STR Application is approved, you will receive an affidavit in your MuniRevs account that ensures you are aware of the new management requirements, and that the property meets minimum safety requirements
    • Once the affidavit is signed, you will receive the request for payment in your MuniRevs account.
      • Unaddressed payments are subject to a late fee after two weeks

Important: The new STR policies adopted in 2022 will require that existing STR license holders reregister their properties in order to confirm that the property meets minimum safety requirements and provide additional information

The new fees will apply however, the Town will refund the $75 that license holders previously paid to their MuniRevs account.

  • The annual fee for the STR Business License is relative to your license type. 
  • Click here for details on license types and fees 
  • Your license is renewable annually.  
  • The Community Development department will notify the STR license holder the month prior via email that their license is set to expire and provide materials for renewal.

Step 3: Post Your Business License Number

You must list your short-term rental Business License Number on all advertisements, including Airbnb, VRBO, and all other online listings.

  • Your business license number is located on the face of your license.
  • The Avon business license number should be displayed in the advertisement as “Avon Business License No. [insert number]”.
  • Failure to display the Avon business license number in any advertisement for STR is a violation of Chapter 5.04.050. – Advertisement of accommodations.

Step 4: Pay Sales Tax, Accommodations Tax, and Short-Term Rental Tax for Community Housing.

STR licensees are required to collect and remit 10% of the price paid for the rental of accommodations in the Town of Avon; 4% sales tax, 4% accommodations tax, 2% short-term rental tax for community housing.

  • Sales tax and accommodations tax are reported on separate forms. Short-Term Rental Tax for community housing is included in the accommodation tax form if your property is zoned as residential. You must file your returns and make payments online by the 20th of each month at
  • Interest and penalties will be assessed for failure to pay your STR taxes.

The Town of Avon requires Market-Place Facilitators (Online Travel Companies, such as AirBNB or VRBO) to collect and remit sales tax (4%), accommodation tax (4%), and short-term rental tax for community housing (2%). If you do not use a Market-Place Facilitators you will be required to collect and remit this tax. 10% of the price paid for the rental of accommodations in the Town of Avon.  

Additional Short-Term Rental Information

Owners are responsible for the safety of their renters. All carbon monoxide alarms, smoke alarms and egress windows must be operational, and handrails should be in place. For more information regarding carbon monoxide safety, please contact Derek Place at (970) 748-4011.

The rental of property in the Town of Avon is subject to licensing, zoning and taxation, and the requirements and conditions are set forth in the Town of Avon Municipal Code:

Definition: Section 3.28.020.

Zoning Requirements Overlay District: Section 7.20.090

Ordinance No 09-12 - Short Term Overlay Zone District

Business License: Section 5.04.050--Advertisement of Accommodations

                              Section 5.04.090--Required-fee-application

Sales and Accommodations Taxes: Section 3.08.030--Sales Tax

Section 3.28.030--Public Accommodations Tax

Report a Problem or Complaint

Complaints and concerns regarding STRs should be provided by both renters, neighbors, and any relevant party HERE.

Town of Avon Contacts

Business License & Taxes

Nicole Layman | Accountant

Email | Phone: (970) 748-4046


License Availability and Registration Process

Max Morgan | Town Planner

Email | Phone: (970) 748-4014

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Derek Place | Chief Building Official

Email | Phone: (970) 748-4011