Full Exemptions

Following is a list of common exemption types with require an application to be competed as well as the additional information listed. For all full exemptions provide the deed and information necessary to demonstrate that the requested exemption applies to the transfer.

(1) Governmental Entity - provide deed, or draft deed, evidencing that either the Buyer or Seller is a local, state or federal governmental entity.

(2) Gift/Charity - provide deed or affirmation stating that there is no other consideration other than love, affection or charity for the transfer.

(3) Termination of Joint Tenancy – provide deed evidencing the termination of a joint tenancy.

(4) Death, Will & Decree of Dissolution – provide a copy of the death certificate, will, and/or relevant court decrees in addition to the deed.

(5) Capital Investment or Business Reorganization – provide copies of business entity documents sufficient to demonstrate that the underlying percentage ownership interest of the Buyer in the property has not changed as a result of the transfer. 

(10) Lease Less than 25 years – provide a copy of the lease with a term less than 25 years. NOTE: as defined in Chapter 3.12 of the Avon Municipal Code, the term of the lease includes the initial term plus all extensions stated in the lease.

(16) Transfer of Community Housing (Deed Restricted) – Owners or buyers of Deed Restricted properties within the Town of Avon qualify for a Full RETT Exemption. If purchasing an existing Deed Restricted property, including a Mi Casa property, please contact Avon Housing for the necessary buyer qualification verification. Sellers may also be required to submit a Notice of Intent to Sell certain units. NEW or first-time Mi Casa transactions also qualify for a Full RETT Exemption. For more information, please email housing@avon.org or visit avon.org/housing

Please refer to the Avon Municipal Code 3.23.020 for a full list of exemptions. 

Submit your RETT exemption application and paperwork as required in each of the exemptions above:

  • By mail via USPS to Town of Avon, Finance Department, P.O. Box 975, Avon Colorado 81620.
  • In person or by mail via FedEx/UPS to Town of Avon, Finance Department, 100 Mikaela Way, Avon Colorado 81620.
  • Electronically via email to csimmons@avon.org. (Full Exemptions Only).
  • Questions can be submitted to Chase Simmons, csimmons@avon.org, (970) 748-4106.