Nottingham Park Improvements

West Nottingham Park Improvements

Council approved designs for the West Nottingham Park Improvements, which includes a comprehensive approach to landscaping, entry improvements and replacement of the softball field with a soccer field. These improvements tie into the recreation path, which is currently deteriorated. Improvements of the recreation path in this area has been accelerated to 2021 to coordinate with this project.
Additional projects include:
  • Nottingham Park Path Replacement - This project is accelerated to 2021 so that it is coordinated with the West Nottingham Park improvements
  • Nottingham Park Light Upgrade, Phase II - This project will complete upgrades to the lighting in Nottingham Park and will be installed as part of the park path replacement project.
  • Resurface Pickleball and Tennis Courts - This project was deferred to 2021 and includes resurfacing both the pickle ball courts and adjacent tennis courts to address concerns over the current conditions and configuration.
West Nottingham Park Improvements $ 280,000
West Nottingham Park Path Replacement $ 520,000
Nottingham Park Light Upgrade, Phase II $ 190,000
Resurface Pickleball and Tennis Courts $ 100,000
TOTAL $ 1,090,000

Park Improvements

North Nottingham Park Improvements

Several projects have been discussed for the north shore of the lake to improve the guest experience at the popular beach area. Town Council provided direction to staff to conduct a neighborhood survey in early 2021 about parking, beach expansion and dock relocation, and several other topics related to the north side of Nottingham park. 

East Nottingham Park Improvements

The east Nottingham Park improvements focus on the redevelopment of the former Town Hall site and neighboring facilities. The following projects are envisioned for this area:
  • Old Town Hall Demolition - Council has provided direction to proceed with bidding the demolition of the old Town Hall building which will be bid out late in 2020. Demolition of the Old Town Hall will allow for the construction of public restrooms and other improvements on the site. 
  • New Public Restrooms for Nottingham Park - Council has provided direction that additional public restrooms for Nottingham Park are desired to support events of 1,500 to 2,000 persons. The location of the new public restrooms would be on the old Town Hall site. The public restroom building is expected to include some additional storage space to support special events and may include other uses depending on the community design process and available funds. This project also includes improvements to the existing patio on the east side of the old Town Hall and replacement and upgrade of the retaining/seating wall along the recreation path.  The project will be designed in 2021 for 2022 construction.
  • Powerline Undergrounding - The power line on the south side of Nottingham Park is planned to be undergrounded as part of the redevelopment of the old Town Hall site. The project will be funded from the Holy Cross Community Enhancement Fund and will occur in conjunction with the public restroom project in 2022.
Old Town Hall Demolition $ 525,000
Public Restrooms/Special Events Storage $ 935,000
Retaining Wall Replacement $ 150,000
Patio landscaping $ 100,000
Powerline Undergrounding $ 120,000
TOTAL $ 1,680,000

Cabin Remodel

This project includes a complete restoration and remodel of the Nottingham Park cabin. The remodel would provide an additional green room for the Avon Performance Pavilion that would include an ADA accessible bathroom with shower and a kitchen sink and refrigerator. The cabin would continue to be used by the Recreation Center for summer programs. The remodeled cabin would be available as a small community meeting space. The cabin has been modified over the years to the extent that any restoration is not eligible for state or federal historic preservation funds. The extent of deterioration of some logs and posts and general condition of the cabin means that a complete restoration and remodel will be the equivalent cost of building a new structure. Staff believes the current size and location is ideal for a multi-use space for the Recreation Center programs, an additional green room for the Avon pavilion and potential public meeting or private event rental space.