Art Around Avon

The Art Around Avon is a new program which launched in June 2021. Artists will display twenty three (23) visual sculpture art pieces in outdoor spaces throughout Town. The pieces will be on exhibition in an outdoor location for up to twenty four (24) months during which time the artist may make the work available for sale.

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Our CASE Manager is here for sales information and to answer any questions you may have.

The enhancement of public places by integrating the creative work of artists improves the pedestrian experience and promotes vibrancy, creativity and livelihood in the community. The presence of and access to public art enlivens public areas and their grounds and makes them more welcoming. It creates a deeper interaction with the places where we live, work, and visit. Public art illuminates the diversity and history of a community, and points to its aspirations for the future.

The third annual Art Around Avon program has grown to include up to 23 amazing works that will be on display through May 2025! 

2023 - 2025 Art Around Avon Photo Glossary:

Fear & Love044
Life Aquatics019
Ambiguous Family020
Joe Norman
Charlotte Zink
Joe Norman
Snowy Owl
Cloud Nine032
Court Jester of SpaceCourt Jester-3_Zach_Mahone_GP
Stephen Landis
Sandy Friedman
Sandy Friedman
Mountain Lion043
Say Cheese051
Maxwell Elley
Justin Deister
Jerry Jaramillo
Songs of Joy072
Wind SpriteWind Sprite202206_jonresnick-29
Charlotte Zink
Danette Landry
Annette Coleman
Bird in all of Us058
Petite Couleur130
Eternal Echoes138
Scott Mohr
Charlotte Zink
Charlotte Zink
My Mental Garden087
Peace & Chaos092
Dancing Aspens099
Sandy Friedman
Joe Norman
Reven Swanson
Whispers of Spring115

Spine II111

Sandy Friedman
Charlotte Zink
Joe Norman

Nicholas LoFaro