Storm Drain Educational Art

For this art installation, we partnered with the Eagle River Water Shed Council and commissioned local artists to create original and specific work depicting Colorado wildlife species that live in or near our natural waterways to highlight the direct connection between storm drains and our natural waterways. In the past, motor oil, paint, detergents, paints, fertilizers, pesticides, and household products have been dumped down storm drains in our communities.  Unlike sanitary sewers, storm drains flow directly into our natural waterways unfiltered.  Dumping waste down a storm drain is no different from dumping directly into our rivers, creeks, and streams. 

The enhancement of public places by integrating the creative work of artists improves the pedestrian experience and promotes vibrancy, creativity, and livelihood in the community. The presence of and access to public art enlivens the public areas of buildings and their grounds and makes them more welcoming. It creates a deeper interaction with the places where we live, work, and visit. Public art illuminates the diversity and history of a community, and points to its aspirations for the future.  

Storm Drain Educational Art in Avon:

FINAL TOA Educational Sign 1

FINAL TOA Educational Sign 3
location3_mockup2FINAL TOA Educational Sign 4