Finance Committee

Committee Purpose and Duties

The purposes and duties of the Ad Hoc Finance Committee are as follows:

  • To review, research and study the Town’s tax and fee structure and sources of revenue, including, but not limited to (1) comparisons to both incorporated and unincorporated peer communities, (2) potential volatility associated with various revenue sources, and (3) determining the percentage of revenues attributable to residents, second homeowners, visitors and businesses. 
  • To review, research and study the Town’s economy as it relates to the Town’s finances.
  • To prepare reports as appropriate to assist the Town Council and the general public to better understand the Town’s finances.
  • To make recommendations to the Town Council consistent with Resolution 19-15.
  • To perform such other tasks related to the Town’s finances as the Town Council may request.
  • Resolution Adopting Ad Hoc Finance Committee

Members and Terms

The Ad Hoc Finance Committee is composed of five (5) to nine (9) voting members and two (2) Ex-Officio Non-Voting Council members appointed by Town Council. The current Finance Committee members and their respective terms are:

  • Clark Rogers             Term Expires December 2024
  • Craig Ferraro             Term Expires December 2024 
  • John Widerman          Term Expires December 2024
  • Lisa Post                     Term Expires December 2024
  • Markian Fedeschuk    Term Expires December 2024 
  • Steve Coyer                Term Expires December 2024 
  • Tamra Underwood       Council member
  • Rich Carroll                  Council member