Downtown Development Authority (DDA)


In 2023, the Avon Town Council studied the formation of a Downtown Development Authority as a potential funding mechanism for development of community housing.  Downtown Development Authorities capture the increased increment of property tax on new development for thirty years without increasing the property tax mill levy. The Avon Town Council adopted an Avon DDA Plan last June which directed at least 50% of the tax increment funding to community housing projects. 

“The formation of the Avon Downtown Development Authority is a critical and visionary step to fund more community housing in Avon,” said Mayor Amy Phillips. “The businesses that serve the Avon community desperately need more workforce housing and the Town of Avon needs more housing for the members of our community that are struggling.” 

PRIMARY PURPOSE: The primary purpose of the DDA is to provide additional funds to construct Community Housing. The shortage of affordable housing is at a crisis level and is directly impacting the ability of private and public employers in Avon to fill vacant employment positions. The shortage of affordable housing is also leading to increased employee turn-over and increased costs associated with recruiting and training new employees. 

SECONDARY PURPOSE: A secondary purpose of the DDA is to provide additional funds for public improvements that benefit the health, vitality and success of the Avon commercial core. Public improvement projects may include public parking structures, enhanced streetscapes and pedestrian connections, early childhood education, expansion of the Avon Recreation Center, and construction of parks and trails amenities.

FUNDING: A DDA is authorized to capture the increment of new property taxes from new development and construction within the DDA area. This property tax increment can be pledged for the payment of municipal bonds to construct Community Housing and other approved public improvements. This form of financing is called Tax Increment Financing.

DDA ELECTION: Avon Town Council referred the formation of the Avon DDA to eligible voters at the June 27, 2023, Council Meeting by approving Ordinance 23-02. A special election was held on August 29, 2023 by the Town Clerk’s office as an independent mail ballot election. Town Hall served as the voter service center on Election Day. The final election results included 51 votes in favor of the establishment of the Avon DDA and 13 votes not in favor of the referred question with approximately 19% of voter participation from voters within the DDA Boundaries.

BOARD FORMATION: The Town Clerk’s Office posted a notice soliciting letters of interest to serve on the Avon DDA Board of Directors. 12 eligible candidate applications were received by the deadline of Friday, September 22, 2023, for 10 vacancies. Town Council elected, appointed and swore-in the Members of the Board of Directors of the DDA at the September 26, 2023, Council Meeting

BOUNDARY AREA: The boundary area of the Avon Downtown Development Authority approved by voters Tuesday encompasses the West Town Center, East Town Center and valley floor area of the Village (at Avon) as seen below. Refer to Ordinance 23-02 to view the boundary in greater detail. 

Map of Boundary Area Avon CO

Avon DDA Agenda, Packets and Minutes

Avon DDA Agendas, Packets, and Minutes

Avon DDA Board



Councilor Rich Carroll, Primary.
Councilor Chico Thuon, Alternate.

TWO (2) TERMS THROUGH JUNE 30, 2024 – ONE (1) year:
Name                         Profession                               DDA                  Terms/Notes
Marcus Lindholm       Finance/Real-estate                Landowner        First Term, 1-year
Rob Tartre                  Sales/Supply Chain                Landowner         First Term, 1-year

TWO (2) TERMS THROUGH JUNE 30, 2025 – TWO (2) years:
Name                         Profession                               DDA                   Terms/Notes
Doug Jimenez            Finance/Real-estate               Landowner         First Term, 2-year
Tony Emrick                Sales/Technology                   Landowner         First Term, 2-year

TWO (2) TERMS THROUGH JUNE 30, 2026 – THREE (3) years:
Name                         Profession                               DDA                    Terms/Notes
Bill Glaner                  Landscape Architect               Landowner          First Term, 3-year
Scott Tarbet                Finance/Real-estate               Landowner          First Term, 3-year

FOUR (4) TERMS THROUGH JUNE 30, 2027 – FOUR (4) years:
Name                         Profession                               DDA                    Terms/Notes
Wayne Hanson          Data Architect                         Landowner           First Term, 4-year
Matthew Fitzgerald    Real-estate                             Lessee                 First Term, 4-year
Chris Neuswanger     Finance/Lending                     Landowner           First Term, 4-year
Brandt Marott             Hospitality                               Lessee                 First Term, 4-year

  1. Patty McKenny

    Deputy Town Manager

  2. Miguel Jauregui

    Town Clerk