Tax Rate and Fee Information


Town of Avon

Sales Tax (includes cigarettes) 4%
Utility Tax 1%
Accommodations Tax 4%
Short-Term Rental Tax for Community Housing 2%*
Real Estate Transfer Tax 2%
Sales Tax--Other Tobacco Products (not including cigarettes): 40%
Cigarette Excise Tax: $3.00 per pack

Eagle County

Sales Tax 1.5%
Cigarette Excise Tax: $1.00 per pack

State of Colorado

Sales Tax 2.9%

*Please note: This tax is only assessed on properties zoned as residential, for more information visit the Accommodation Tax Page.


Business License Fees (Annual)

Fixed Location Business $200.00
Short-Term Accommodations $75.00
Home Occupation $50.00
Peddlers & Solicitors $25.00
Special Event Vendors $5.00
Licensed Contractors conducting work
without a permanent physical business
location in Town $25.00
Other Businesses $25.00
Tobacco Product License $250
Liquor License - Price varies, contact Town Clerk

Business License Late Filing Fee $25.00
Paper Filing Surcharge Fee $15.00