Out of State/Out of County Defendants


If a defendant resides outside of the state of Colorado and has a mandatory court appearance, there are three options to consider when answering the charges brought against the defendant.

Option 1 - Plead Guilty

If the defendant chooses to plead guilty to the charge, he/she must notify the court of his/her intention and request a waiver and guilty plea by mail. Please email Brenda Torres.

After the Judge reviews the summons and police report, waiver and guilty plea documents are prepared and sent to the defendant.

The defendant executes the document by signing and returning it to the court with the fine amount that is due by the specified date.

Option 2 - Contest the Charge

If the defendant wishes to contest the charge, he/she must schedule a trial date and appear in Avon Municipal for trial.

Option 3 - Plead Not Guilty

If the defendant wishes to discuss the matter with the town prosecutor, he/she must enter a "not guilty" plea in writing before the arraignment date.

The entry of plea must include a simple statement of "I plead not guilty", signed, dated and including a current address and phone number.

This is a required procedure in order to set the pre-trial conference. When the court receives this plea, the defendant will be contacted and a telephonic pre-trial conference scheduled.

A notice will be mailed to the defendant. The defendant must initiate the call at the designated time on a Wednesday morning and also be at a phone where he/she can take a call if the prosecutor is with another defendant and needs to return the phone call.

The outcome of this conversation will dictate the next court action.

Call (970) 748-4022 for information to initiate this process.