Comprehensive Plan

About the Comprehensive Plan

Avon's Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2017, was recently awarded the Vernon Deines Award for Outstanding Small Town or Rural Plan by the prestigious American Planning Association.Avon's Comp Plan is an overarching plan that guides Avon's land use and development.The Comp Plan creates the goals and policies that encourage the type of growth and values that Avon citizens envisioned during the public comment process.

Attainable Housing Goals Updated in Comprehensive Plan

On March 25, 2008, the Avon Town Council unanimously approved Resolution No. 08-08, a Resolution to amend Topic Area F, Housing, of the 2017 Town of Avon Comprehensive Plan (pages 52-55). View the Avon Comprehensive Plan Master Appendix.

The amendment modifies the language of the goals and policies contained within the Housing Topic Area in order to provide acceptable methods of mitigating the need for attainable housing generated by development.The additional detail added to the Comp Plan includes:
  • References to calculations for Residential and Commercial Linkage tied to new development applications for rezoning
  • Acceptable methods of attainable housing mitigation
  • Provides Council the discretion to implement mitigation rates on a project-by-project basis
The purpose behind this approach is to ensure that attainable housing mitigation is applied to the highest extent possible and is derived with full consideration of all other public benefits provided by any proposal found to be subject to the criteria for a rezoning or PUD application.

Please contact the Planning Department if you have any questions regarding this this amendment or Avon's Attainable Housing Policies.