Patrol/Support Services

Avon Police Department’s patrol operations consists of 21 sworn police officers. The sworn officers include the Chief, Deputy Chief, five full time sergeants, one part time sergeant, one detective and 12 patrol officers.

One of the sergeants works in a plain clothes detective sergeant capacity and the detective is a plain clothes detective. They make up the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB).These detectives work collaboratively investigating drug and other major cases with surrounding jurisdictions forming task forces when necessary.

All of our officer’s multi-task with various responsibilities that include school resource officer, DUI taskforce coordinator, Special Operations Unit (SWAT), multi agency training, bike patrol, and drug recognition experts.In addition, officers maintain a high level of agency training including firearms, Krav Maga, and Verbal Judo, among others.

We also provide a victims advocate who counsels and supports victims in their time of need. Our advocate coordinates with the officers, detectives, District Attorney's Office and other involved agencies to assist and guide any victim through the justice system processes.

Our officers strive to serve our community with professionalism, accountability, teamwork and adaptability 24/7, 365 days of the year. We serve to make our community a safe, friendly and enriching place to live.

Bike Patrol
The Avon Police Department often uses mountain bikes as an alternative means of transportation for patrol.The bikes are convenient for getting through the parks, main business core areas of Avon, and areas or events with crowds.

Ski Patrol

The Avon Police Department works with Beaver Creek Resort to ensure the closing of the mountain is a safe, enjoyable event for all involved. Additionally, several Ski with a Cop days are planned throughout the ski season allowing the public to enjoy some runs with Avon's finest. 

PD Closing Day