Why recycle? Because what doesn’t go in landfill is used to make new products. This means less extraction and processing of raw materials, which conserves energy and water, generates less pollution, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and preserves natural resources for future generations.   

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Avon’s New Recycling Ordinance
Here’s a simple infographic that covers the basics. Learn more in the “Requirements” page above.

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Recycling and Waste Diversion

Recycling is an easy way to help the environment by saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, we should also focus on reducing and reusing, and educating ourselves and our community on waste management. Colorado's Material Solid Waste (MSW) recycling rate is only 12%, which is much lower than the nationwide average of 34%. Eagle County's recycling rate in 2018 was 26%, which is good but still behind the nationwide rate. Almost 10% more of Eagle County's waste goes to the landfill than the rest of the country's average MSW diversion to recycling or compost facilities.

Did you know Recycling

Here's a simple infographic helping you see how to divert different kinds of waste in Avon. 

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Eagle County Waste Wizard

Wondering what you can recycle in your Eagle Valley community? Or where to properly dispose of your waste? Use the Eagle County Waste Wizard! Simply enter the item you are looking to dispose of below and we’ll tell you if it can be recycled or where it can be disposed of properly. Enter the item below or click on the app links to download our mobile app to always have an answer at your fingertips!

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Other Eagle County ResourcesHow to Recycle in Eagle County

The Official Eagle County Recycling Guide can help you learn more. This document is also available in Spanish here.