Accommodations Tax on Short Term Rentals


Every property owner providing room(s) used for accommodation for a total continuous duration of less than thirty (30) days shall register the business, obtain a business license and obtain a sales tax license prior to advertising the rental property. The advertisement shall include the "Avon Business License Number."

An 10% tax is imposed upon the price paid for leasing and rental of accommodations (short term rentals) in the Town of Avon (4% sales tax, 4% accommodations tax, and a 2% Short-Term Rental Tax for Community Housing).
The 2% Short-Term Rental Tax for Community Housing is only assessed on properties that are zoned as residential. To determine whether a property is zoned as commercial or residential, please visit the Eagle County assessor page, or contact Nicole Layman at 970-748-4046 or by email

Short term rentals are described as the furnishing of rooms or accommodations by any person or persons to another for a consideration in any building for a period of less than thirty (30) days. 

If you accept any form of compensation in lieu of rent, the tax would be based upon the fair market value of the compensation. The renting of property is subject to licensing and taxation, and the requirements and conditions are set forth by the Town of Avon Municipal Code.

Guaranteed Deposits

Forfeited room deposits that guarantee the guest the use or possession of a short-term rental (six months or less) are taxable.

Registration and License 

An online system is available that will allow you to register your business, obtain your licenses, file your returns and make payment in one place. Please register your business at

How to Report Your Taxes

Sales and utility taxes are reported on one form while accommodations taxes are reported on a separate form. Sales tax returns and payment of your tax shall be filed online by the 20th of each month.

Detailed information on business license and Sales Tax, Accommodations Tax, or Short-Term Rental Tax for Community Housing can be found in the Town of Avon Municipal Code Chapter 5.04, 3.08, 3.28, and 3.29 respectively.

You can get information on a sales tax license for the State of Colorado by following the link provided.

Questions may be directed to (970) 748-4046 or by email.

File an Accommodations Tax Return