Short Term Rentals

Town of Avon Ordinances 09-12 and 17-18 makes short-term rentals legal within most of the valley area through an overlay zone district. This overlay zone district only applies to properties zoned with a standard zone district and does not apply to any property zoned Planned Unit Development (PUD). The following properties zoned PUD permit short term rentals:
  • Brookside Park
  • Canyon Run
  • Chapel Square
  • Chateau St. Claire (The Ascent)
  • Falcon Pointe
  • Lakeside Terrace
  • Lot C (Sheraton Mountain Vista)
  • Riverfront Subdivision (Westin)
  • Stonebridge Cluster Homes
For properties where short-term rentals are allowed they must obtain a sales tax license through the Town of Avon and submit all applicable taxes to the Town of Avon. Properties found short term renting without submitting appropriate sales and accommodation taxes will be responsible to pay back taxes, penalties, interest and additional fines.

For more information on obtaining a sales tax license and remitting taxes, please contact or (970) 748-4019. 

In order for short-term rentals to be allowable in the excluded areas, property owners need to apply for a PUD amendment to include short-term rentals as an allowable use. 

For more information on the PUD amendment process, please contact Community Development at (970) 748-4030. 

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Carbon Monoxide Safety

The Town of Avon reminds owners of rental properties that carbon monoxide alarms are required by law. 

In 2009, the State of Colorado passed a law requiring homeowners and owners of rental properties to install and keep operational carbon monoxide alarms near the bedrooms in every home that is heated with fossil fuel, has a fuel-fired appliance, has a fireplace, or has an attached garage. 

This law applies to single family homes, multi-family homes, homes that are owned and inhabited by the owner and homes that are rented. 

How does this law affect owners of rental property?
For any home, single family unit or multi-family dwelling, used for rental purposes, this law requires that an operational carbon monoxide alarm be installed within 15 feet of the entrance to each bedroom. 

What is a carbon monoxide alarm?
Carbon monoxide alarm may be similar in size and shape to a smoke detector. A carbon monoxide alarm constantly samples that air, monitors for the presence of carbon monoxide and sounds an alarm when carbon monoxide is detected at dangerous levels. 

How should a carbon monoxide alarm be installed?
According to law, carbon monoxide alarms must be installed either by being wired directly into the home’s electrical system, directly plugged into an electrical outlet or battery powered attached to the wall or ceiling.

Where should carbon monoxide alarms be installed?
Colorado law requires that an operational carbon monoxide alarm be installed within 15 feet of the entrance to each bedroom or in any location otherwise specified by building code. 

Where can carbon monoxide alarms be purchased?
Carbon monoxide alarms can be purchased from local home improvement stores.

Contact: Town of Avon Building Official, Derek Place, (970) 748-4011