Avon Performance Pavilion

The Town is proud to offer the Avon Performance Pavilion at Harry A. Nottingham Park--a year round cultural and entertainment venue for festivals, concerts, art exhibitions, theater performances, educational events, private functions and more. 

The Pavilion includes:
  • A 25' x 45' performance stage large enough to accommodate a 60-piece orchestra.
  • The Terrace, overlooking Nottingham Lake
  • A "green room" connected to the stage with adequate space for theater performances. The green room also serves as a small kitchen for events, which can include weddings, receptions and private gatherings.
Investing in the development of the Performance Pavilion furthers the goal of building the cultural vitality of Avon's central core. The Town Council recognizes that a vibrant town center and a rich and diverse set of cultural offerings are important to the social fabric and the economic livelihood of our resort community. 

The Pavilion is available for booking. Please contact the CASE Manager for more information.