Swim Team

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  1. Meghan Hershey

    Swim Program Supervisor

  2. Kacy Carmichael

    Aquatics Superintendent

Swim Team Programs

The Avon Swim Team Programs seek to provide both recreational and competitive swim opportunities by offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. It is our objective to provide every swimmer an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from novice to national competitor. Our coaches will ensure that time spent will be quality and productive time. Register here!

Recreation Swim Team

This program is geared to swimmers ages 5-18 that are interested in advancing their swimming skills and stroke technique in all four swimming strokes. The swimmers must have successfully completed our LTS 3 course. This program provides an introduction to swimming competition and racing technique. Practice lasts an hour, 2-3 times per week.

Participants must be able to complete the following in order to join the Recreation Swim Team:
-Swim 25 yards (1 length) of freestyle and backstroke without stopping
-Demonstrate a dolphin kick and breaststroke kick

Age Group USA Swim Team

This highly competitive travel team is designed for the swimmer that desires to train year-round and compete at the State Level. Swimmers are well coached, and highly disciplined and well versed in all strokes and rules of competition. The Recreation Department is vested in the success of each individual involved in the program. Coaches will track a swimmer’s success through detailed record keeping of swim meet race times, and records of each participant’s progress. The age group team is designed for younger swimmers who still need a bit more emphasis on stroke work and technique, without training quite as much yardage as our Senior USA team. Practice lasts 1-1.5 hours, 3-5 times a week. Our program will be fully managed by on site coaches and administrators, leaving multiple conduits for parent feedback and immediate answers to questions and concerns. 

Senior  USA Swim Team

Very similar to the Age Group Team, the Senior USA team is designed for the swimmer that desires to train year-round and compete at the State Level to potentially national level. Swimmers are well coached, highly disciplined, and well versed in all strokes and rules of competition. This group is focused on racing, and has a larger emphasis on yardage, in addition to more practice times. Swimmers complete dryland strength training and conditioning throughout the season. The Senior USA Team, practices for 1.5-2 hours, five times a week with optional morning practices. 

This team is an integral member of the Western Slope League and across the State, taking pride in meeting parent volunteer requirements at meets. Swimmers are represented by USA Swimming certified coaches at all practices and swim meets.

To learn more about the Avon Swim Club, visit the team website, view current session offerings here, or contact Meghan Hershey, Head Swim Coach, today!