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Deed Restriction Compliance Survey

  1. Town of Avon Deed Restriction Compliance Survey
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  2. Instructions

    By entering my name, I certify that I hold legal title to the property located at the address listed.

  3. Check ONLY One*
  4. If you chose option B, please complete the tenant contact information.

    to be completed by resident property owner, OR by tenant if the Property is leased:

    1. I verify and acknowledge that I have no ownership interest in any other residential property in Eagle County and that the Property is my exclusive and permanent place of residence as required by the Deed Restriction Agreement.

    2. I have worked an average of thirty (30) hours per week on an annual basis for the previous year in Eagle County.

    3. I verify and acknowledge that for the previous year I have been employed by the following employer(s)


    By entering my name below, I declare under pains and penalties of perjury that I have read this affidavit and the statements contained in it are true and correct.

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