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Short Term Rental Complaints & Violations

  1. Identifying and Prioritizing Short Term Rental Complaints & Code Violations

    Staff members seek to address Short Term Rental code violations in an efficient and fair manner. The Community Development Department prioritizes the identification and elimination of code violations affecting health and safety. It also prioritizes the reduction of violations that cause or have the potential to cause environmental harm. This is not the form to complete if you have an issue with a property's general maintenance. In addition to regular staff reviews and inspections, the Community Development Department relies on citizen complaints to help identify violations requiring attention.

  2. Citizen Complaint Form

    This Form was created for record keeping and uniformity of response. This form may be used to complain of Short Term Rental code violations within the Town of Avon. Filing this form does not guarantee action, and each alleged violation will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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    The Colorado Open Records Act states that public records such as this form may be open to public inspection. You may not wish to provide information you consider confidential, including your personal contact details. Complaints may be made anonymously.
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