Chris Peck

Police Department
Title: Police Officer
Phone: (970) 748-4033

Responsibilities: Protects the lives, safety, health, welfare, and property of individuals within the corporate limits of the Town of Avon by enforcing municipal, state, and federal ordinances, statutes, and laws. In addition to Officer Peck’s assigned patrol duties, he serves as the department Taser Instructor, Fitness Coordinator, Field Training Officer and will soon be the department’s Ethics Instructor.

Background: Chris is a native of Bloomington, Minnesota where he studied for a law enforcement degree. Chris and his wife moved to Colorado in 1987 and worked at a Christian guest ranch for three years. Chris then went to the police academy at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs. After a short stint as an armored car driver, Chris joined the Avon Police Department in 1990.

Family: Chris was married in 1995. He has a 10-year old daughter and a 5-year old son.

What you should know: Chris is an avid road cyclist, skate skier, a traditional Irish music enthusiast and a “craft beer geek”. 

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