Jonathan Lovins

Police Department
Title: Police Sergeant
Phone: 970-748-4031

Responsibilities: Patrol functions include enforcing laws, proactively assisting the public, responding to emergencies, protecting welfare/lives of citizens and property, investigating crimes and potential problems. Jonathan has been a field training officer and an instructor for terrorism and response to weapons of mass destruction. He has developed and presents a robbery survival seminar for local businesses, and is a member of the county-wide special operations unit and delegated with Homeland Security responsibilities for the Avon Police Department.

Background: Jonathan is originally from Illinois and came to Colorado for an internship to finish his bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University in 2000. He worked for the Colorado State Parks for four seasons before graduating from the Colorado Police Corps. Jonathan started work at the Avon Police Department in 2002.

Family: Jonathan has a dog and some good friends here in Colorado. The remainder of his family lives out- of-state.

Rewards/Goals: Jonathan hopes to gain experience in different aspects of law enforcement by taking the most advantage of opportunities that arise.

What you should know: Jonathan believes in polished boots and a sharply creased uniform. He believes in separating duty-time and play time. Personally, he enjoys “two wheels” (motorized and pedal), a variety of snow activities, great music (AC/DC & Kid Rock to name a few) and traveling.


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