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Recreation Class Schedule

Previously-Sent Messages

Subject Date Sent
(8/16) Todays 9:00 AM Rhythm Renewal Canceled8/16/2022 7:51 AM
(8/16) Tuesday 8:30 AM Vinyasa Yoga Canceled8/15/2022 4:23 PM
(8/17) Wednesday Night's 7:00 PM Hip Hop Dance Canceled8/15/2022 11:32 AM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule8/14/2022 5:39 PM
(8/12) Zumba at 6:00 PM Canceled8/12/2022 7:39 AM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule8/7/2022 5:26 PM
(8/4) Today's Vinyasa Yoga at 8:30 AM CANCELLED8/4/2022 7:34 AM
8/3 Today's Hip Hop Dance at 7:00 PM Canceled.8/3/2022 6:55 AM
8/2/22 Today's Oula Class at 7:00 PM Cancelled8/2/2022 5:13 PM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule8/1/2022 9:24 AM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule7/25/2022 6:31 AM
7/16 Yoga for Stiff People Cancelled7/14/2022 7:53 AM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule7/9/2022 3:00 PM
UPDATED: Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule7/5/2022 6:20 AM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule7/3/2022 9:57 AM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule6/25/2022 8:43 PM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule6/18/2022 5:08 PM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule6/11/2022 11:13 AM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule6/4/2022 5:18 PM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule6/4/2022 5:02 PM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule5/28/2022 7:29 PM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule May 22-285/23/2022 6:18 AM
Saturday's 10 AM Pilates Class Cancelled5/12/2022 12:05 PM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule May 8th-14th5/7/2022 1:10 PM
5/5/22 7PM Oula Cancelled5/5/2022 3:10 PM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule4/24/2022 6:35 PM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule4/10/2022 12:58 PM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule4/4/2022 6:14 AM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule3/27/2022 12:00 PM
Avon Rec Fitness Schedule 3/20-3/263/21/2022 6:18 AM
Group Fitness Calendar March 21-263/19/2022 9:00 AM
12 PM Yoga Flow Cancelled3/11/2022 9:01 AM
Avon Recreation Center Welcomes Your (Unmasked) Smiling Face5/26/2021 10:03 AM
Avon Recreation Center to Reopen June 15/19/2020 9:15 AM
An Update from Avon Recreation Center Director John Curutchet3/20/2020 3:14 PM
Avon Announces Closure of Avon Recreation Center & Operational Adjustments3/13/2020 1:45 PM
Avon Rec Closed3/13/2020 10:25 AM
Friday Yoga Cancelled3/12/2020 5:05 PM
DanceFit/ Zumba Fusion Cancelled3/12/2020 9:42 AM
Thurs am Yoga Cancelled3/11/2020 4:56 PM
Recreation Center's Covid-19 Response3/11/2020 4:53 PM
Tuesday 6:10 am Spin Cancelled2/10/2020 12:07 PM
Thursday's Zumba Cancelled2/5/2020 9:15 AM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule2/2/2020 9:15 AM
OULA cancelled tonight 7 pm and Saturday at 9 am1/30/2020 10:31 AM
9 am Vinyasa Yoga is Cancelled this morning12/20/2019 9:43 AM
Avon Rec Center Closes at 5:30 Tonight12/5/2019 10:42 AM
Updated Group Fitness Schedule12/1/2019 1:37 PM
Ballroom Dance Class Cancelled11/18/2019 3:39 PM
9 am Yoga Cancelled11/13/2019 9:43 AM
HIIT Class to be filmed11/7/2019 10:45 AM
9 am Yoga cancelled10/24/2019 8:16 AM
Christian's class cancelled8/28/2019 4:06 PM
Avon Recreation Center Group Fitness Schedule8/4/2019 9:46 AM
Updated group fit-Friday yoga instructor change7/29/2019 10:38 AM
Yoga Cancelled7/22/2019 5:06 PM
No more additional fees for classes!7/12/2019 4:09 PM
New Country Dance Classes7/9/2019 6:21 PM
Updated Fitness-Paul Teaching Saturday Yoga6/20/2019 9:07 AM
Forever Fit Cancelled6/6/2019 7:59 AM
No HIIT Tonight5/13/2019 5:15 PM
Christian's class cancelled for tonight5/9/2019 4:36 PM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule5/5/2019 11:15 AM
Updated Group Fitness4/24/2019 5:11 PM
Adryen's classes cancelled4/16/2019 11:39 AM
Adryen's Barre Class Cancelled4/11/2019 5:56 PM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule4/8/2019 12:07 PM
Updated Group Fitness Schedule4/8/2019 11:41 AM
Group Fitness Schedule4/7/2019 11:15 AM
Group Fitness Schedule4/1/2019 11:01 AM
Dance-Fit/Zumba Cancelled3/28/2019 8:29 AM
Avon Rec Center Group Fitness Schedule12/23/2018 8:46 AM
Today's 5:30PM HIIT Class Canceled12/3/2018 12:49 PM
Black Friday Sale11/22/2018 12:45 PM
NO CLASSES TONIGHT!11/7/2018 1:45 PM
Revised Weekly Fitness Schedule10/15/2018 6:14 PM
Tuesday's 6:10AM Spin Cancelled10/9/2018 5:41 AM
Wednesday (9/5/18) Beginner Tai Chi & Intermediate Tai Chi Canceled.9/5/2018 9:25 AM
Thursday 9:00 AM Yoga Canceled8/16/2018 7:55 AM
Oula Cancelled7/20/2018 3:27 PM
Intermediate Tai-Chi Cancelled7/2/2018 11:31 AM
Thursday's 10:15 a.m Forever Fit Canceled6/7/2018 9:42 AM
Prenatal Yoga Canceled5/16/2018 9:31 AM
Tonight's HIIT & Ballroom Dance Class cancelled.5/14/2018 5:12 PM
Class cancellations5/7/2018 2:14 PM
Adryen's Total Body Class Cancelled for Friday5/2/2018 10:26 AM
Zumba & Pound Cancelled4/19/2018 4:08 PM
Baby & Me Yoga Canceled4/17/2018 9:10 AM
Fun-Fit/Zumba Fusion Cancelled3/29/2018 10:22 AM
Water Aerobics Cancelled3/28/2018 8:44 AM
Lap Pool Closed for the day3/28/2018 8:24 AM
Pound and Zumba Cancelled3/15/2018 3:36 PM
Updated class schedule2/13/2018 4:25 PM
Class Canceled2/12/2018 9:20 AM
Yoga cancelled tonight2/5/2018 5:05 PM
Class Canceled12/18/2017 11:39 AM
Don't let the lack of snow slow you down!12/17/2017 12:16 PM
Pound class cancelled12/5/2017 9:56 AM
Tai-Chi for Seniors Cancelled 11/3011/29/2017 6:15 PM
New Class Starts Tonight11/27/2017 4:37 PM
Finish November STRONG!11/26/2017 12:16 PM
Turkey Burn this Friday11/19/2017 12:16 PM
6:10 Spin Class Cancelled11/16/2017 6:56 AM
BC opens soon-Join us at a Group Fitness Class11/12/2017 12:16 PM
Pound class cancelled this morning11/7/2017 9:26 AM
Forever Fit Cancelled11/2/2017 7:46 AM
Zumba instead of Pound class this week!10/31/2017 9:04 AM
Fitness Schedule Updated10/30/2017 9:47 AM
Pound Class Cancelled10/24/2017 8:20 AM
Winter Conditioning Class Tonight!10/9/2017 10:46 AM
Oula Class Canceled9/29/2017 2:59 PM
Pound Class Cancelled9/5/2017 8:48 AM
Wednesday Evening Tai Chi Cancellation8/7/2017 2:31 PM
Zumba cancelled7/27/2017 4:03 PM
Tonight's Zumba Cancelled7/13/2017 11:57 AM
Chanelle's Yoga Classes cancelled7/10/2017 8:29 AM
Divine Women's Yoga Cancellation6/29/2017 2:44 PM
Carla's Forever Fit class cancelled6/27/2017 8:17 AM
Belly Dancing class added tomorrow6/21/2017 4:52 PM
Today's noon yoga class cancelled6/9/2017 8:40 AM
Boot Camp Class is cancelled for tonight5/23/2017 4:35 PM
Avon Recreation Group Fitness5/7/2017 11:15 AM
Spin class cancelled tonight5/4/2017 2:55 PM
Spin Class Cancelled Tonight5/4/2017 2:51 PM
Tai Chi for Beginner's is cancelled for tonight.12/26/2016 4:53 PM
Swim Program Meeting8/12/2016 2:30 PM
Yoga for stiff people cancelled for tonight6/7/2016 11:47 AM
Zumba cancelled for tonight3/24/2016 3:41 PM
Forever Fit Cancelled3/3/2016 9:53 AM
6:00 p.m. Vinyasa Yoga tonight is cancelled2/10/2016 6:23 PM
Tonight's Yoga for Stiff People is Cancelled.2/2/2016 6:33 PM
Tai Chi cancellations1/11/2016 4:29 PM
Rec Center closing early on Thursday11/10/2015 12:56 PM